Addressing the Key Issues of our Time

Nautilus Impact Investing was formed in 2015 in response to the increasing demands for advice on more effective approaches to address the social and environmental challenges of our time. Our partners seek a better understanding of how impact investing can help their work around the world. There is much room for innovation in the practice of impact investing, particularly as traditional funding sources continue to decline. There is a massive gap in our capacity to respond to issues such as climate change and poverty at scale and in a meaningful time frame.

Many impact investors and change agents, whether public, private or individual, seek assistance with impact strategy, diligence, measurement/verification and learning. Most of our clients seek independent expertise on the impact side of their projects, in strategy/design or implementation and evaluation. Many also ask us to improve ways to capture and share knowledge about a project or to improve the quality of performance benchmark data in a sector relevant to their investments.

We have learnt that by working directly with investors at an early stage of project development, we can sharpen impact strategy, raise new resources and increase the near-term effectiveness of an impact investment. We have also learnt that it is never too late to pause and take a closer look at an existing investment – is your money achieving the kinds of social and environmental outcomes you envisaged? What could we do better?

By addressing these and related questions, Nautilus seeks to improve your “social return” as well as the practice of impact investing generally.