Staff & Partners



Karla Dutton Principal

Karla joined NII in 2018. Nautilus is currently partnering with private investors, philanthropists, government, research and international development organizations on fisheries, agriculture, climate adaptation and indigenous community projects throughout the USA and globally. Karla previously served in executive roles with Defenders of Wildlife, BP Tangguh Indonesia, U.S. State Department and the University of Rhode Island’s Coastal Resources Center. Karla holds an MA in Marine Affairs and BS Natural Resources Management from the University of Rhode Island.



Sarah Warnock Program Associate

Sarah came to NII in 2016 and has taken on the role of communications. After college, she followed a flock of sandpipers from San Francisco Bay to Alaska and continued a career as a field biologist for the next 15 years. She holds a masters degree in estuary ecology and a K-12 General Science credential , and her current focus is on the intersect of environmental and social justice through Nautilus’ partner project, Alaska Salmon and People.



Meagan Krupa Program Associate
Meagan came to NII in 2017 and works with SASAP’s Data Task Force at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS). Meagan began her career as a field biologist studying whales in the Gulf of California and now works to improve natural resource management through better data management and access. She holds a bachelor’s degree in social and environmental justice in marine conversation, a masters degree in environmental science, and a PhD in biological science.



Madeline Jovanovich Research Associate
Madeline joined NII in 2017 through her work on the State of Alaska’s Salmon and People project. As an alumnus and Research Technician at the University of Alaska Fairbanks College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, Madeline is able to apply her experiences in applied field research and commercial fisheries to her current work. Data coordination, continuity, and social involvement are key elements to her work with NII. Predominantly based in western and interior Alaska, Madeline’s passion for clean water systems and sustainable wild fisheries have kept her involved in fisheries management and research projects.



Amy Lowndes Intern
Amy Lowndes joined NII as an intern in 2018. She is Iñupiaq Eskimo, enrolled in the Native Village of Selawik. Amy grew up in both Alaska and Florida, where in both places she witnessed a devastating multitude of climate change’s effects. In her career, Amy plans on seeking ways to help prevent the causes and mitigate the effects of our changing climate. She is especially interested in public policy and exploring ways in which it might be used to help marginalized communities facing social and climate injustice. She now studies Environmental Studies and Art History at Pomona College, where she is entering her sophomore year.



Carissa Larson International Development Intern
Carissa is Alaska Native (Alutiiq) from Kodiak, Alaska. Growing up, she spent her summers’ commercial salmon fishing with her family in Chignik, Alaska. An intern with NII during the summer of 2017, Carissa continues to assist with our SASAP project as time in her busy school schedule permits. Later this year Carissa will graduate from Hawai’i Pacific University, earning a BA in International Studies, with a concentration on sustainability and development. Carissa became interested in international development after traveling, and witnessing the levels of inequality throughout countries. She realizes the increasing need for social and environmental initiatives as climate change makes these issues especially complex.



Esau Sinnok (Inupiaq Eskimo) Communication Liaison / Intern
Esau’s home is Shishmaref, Alaska. An intern with NII during the summer of 2017, he continues to assist as he is able to within his busy schedule. Esau received his Certificate in Tribal Management from UAF and is working towards an Associates Degree in Alaska Native Studies, with a concentration in Alaska Native law, government, and politics. One of ten 2016 White House Champions of Change for Climate Equity Awardees, Esau is a former Arctic Youth Ambassador, 2016 Denny Wilcher award-winner for Young Environmental Activist, and 2017 Spirit of Youth Awardee. Esau’s passion is leading him towards politics and he plans to help his region and to build a sustainable future for Alaska.