Calling All Data Hounds: Reproducible Analysis with R Workshop

Registration is now open for the State of Alaska’s Salmon and People (SASAP) Reproducible Analysis with R workshop, November 28 – 29, in Juneau, Alaska.

Catered to biologists, analysts, students and other professionals that work in R, the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) Data Task Force will walk attendees through modern open data science techniques.

Lil’ Bear, the original Data Hound

The course will teach data management skills that aid in modeling, sharing, preservation, visualization, and reproducible analysis and synthesis of data. Using salmon brood data from throughout the state of Alaska and British Columbia, attendees will learn these skills with a real-life example.

This series of hands-on coding sessions will show how to integrate expansive data and techniques to clean up, integrate, and document heterogeneous data through RMarkdown. Beginning with an overview of RMarkdown, critical topics will be covered such as version control, data modeling, structuring of data frames, and visualizations for both publication and web use.

Other topics covered include setting up and using version control in GitHub, tidy data, cleaning and manipulation with the dplyr package, creating graphics with ggplot, and online publishing of analyses.

CLICK HERE to register online. Space is limited to 20-25 people, so register early. Two more data training sessions will follow in the coming months, in Anchorage and possibly Fairbanks, Alaska.

When: November 28 – 29, 2017
Where: University of Alaska Fairbanks Lena Point Fisheries Department, Juneau, Alaska
Prerequisites: Familiarity with R and statistical analysis