Fish 2.0 2017 Showcases Seafood Innovation

Fish 2.0 is a  global competition that builds the knowledge and connections needed to increase investment in the sustainable seafood sector. Fish 2.0 competitors improve their business models and learn how to approach investors. In turn, participating investors gain early access to new deals and learn how sustainable seafood can help build their portfolios.

Nautilus participated in the 2015 round of Fish 2.0 as a business mentor and judge and again in the 2017 Fish 2.0 competition as a mentor to businesses and as an adviser to the West Coast and Alaska track. 

It was inspiring to see so much talent gathered to address global challenges in seafood supply and to share Nautilus’s work in this space with global peers. The eight winning companies represent a diverse array of investments and impact strategies to meet the rapidly increasing global demand for protein. As with the 2013 and 2015, it will be interesting to see how all the 2017 Fish 2.0 finalists progress in their ventures and learn from their experience.

The 2017 finals were held at Stanford University on November 7th and 8th and featured some 40 finalists representing eight different regional/global “tracks”. Companies pitching at the final included:

American Unagi (U.S.) – New England
BitCliq (Big Eye) (Portugal) – Transparency & Traceability
Blue Ocean Gear (U.S.) – West Coast
Blue Water Metrics (U.S.) – New England
Fishery Networks (Indonesia) – Southeast Asia
ColomboSky (Italy) – Transparency & Traceability
EnerGaia (Thailand) – Southeast Asia
Didds Fishing Company (Solomon Islands) – Pacific Islands
Enseñame a Pescar (Peru) – Chile and Peru
F4F: Food for the Future (Chile) – Chile and Peru
Fishery Micro Finance (Indonesia) – Southeast Asia
FishExtend (Chile) – Chile and Peru
Gaskiya Diagnostics (U.S.) – South Atlantic and Gulf Coast
Indigo Seafood Palau (Palau) – Pacific Islands
IQMI / Vericatch (Canada) – Transparency & Traceability
Kepley BioSystems, Inc. (U.S.) – South Atlantic and Gulf Coast
Natura Seafood (Indonesia) – Southeast Asia
Northline Seafoods (U.S.) – West Coast
NovoNutrients (U.S.) – Supply Chain Innovation
Nutrition Technologies (Vietnam) – Southeast Asia
OneForNeptune (U.S.) – Supply Chain Innovation
Panacea Oysters (U.S.) – South Atlantic and Gulf Coast
PatBio Feed (Chile) – Supply Chain Innovation
Pensacola Bay Oyster Company (U.S.) – South Atlantic and Gulf Coast
Pesca En Línea (Chile) – Chile and Peru
Real Oyster Cult (U.S.) – New England
Sandbar Oyster Company (U.S.) – South Atlantic and Gulf Coast
Seafood IQ (Iceland) – Transparency & Traceability
ShellBond (U.S.) – South Atlantic and Gulf Coast
ShellTrak (U.S.) – South Atlantic and Gulf Coast
Shepherd Islands Organic Seafood (Vanuatu) – Pacific Islands
SmartCatch, Inc. (U.S.) – West Coast
Sustainable Fishery Trade (Peru) – Chile and Peru
ThisFish Seafood Traceability (Canada) – Transparency & Traceability
TunaSolutions (Australia) – Transparency & Traceability
VakSea (U.S.) – South Atlantic and Gulf Coast
Verifik8 (Thailand) – Transparency & Traceability
ViAqua (Israel) – Supply Chain Innovation
Ynsect (France) – Supply Chain Innovation