Interdisciplinary Research Featured at Fisheries Meeting

The Western Division of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) held its 43rd Annual Meeting in Anchorage from 21-25 May 2018. The meeting brought together some 500 fisheries scientists from across the USA and Canada and featured a diverse program of presentations, field trips and trade shows (


Madeline Jovanovich from Jovanovich Consulting and NII sharing data on salmon escapement goals


Nautilus staff Ian Dutton and contractor Madeline Jovanovich contributed to a 20-presentation SASAP (State of Alaska’s Salmon and People) symposium organized by SASAP partner Dr. Peter Westley (UAF). Jovanovich presented on “Increasing user accessibility: synthesis of escapement data” which outlined how the SASAP project is providing a comprehensive view of escapement data by region and type across Alaska. Dutton provided a closing address on “How SASAP’s Interdisciplinary Approach is Improving our Understanding of Alaska’s Salmon and People Systems”.

The SASAP project is now entering the harvest phase – these presentations and related publications will be shared on the new SASAP website to be released in coming months.