Nautilus Welcomes First Alaskans Intern

First Alaskans Institute (FAI) is a nonprofit organization that works to advance Alaskan Natives through community engagement, information and research, collaboration, and leadership development. Every summer, FAI organizes a 10-week internship program for Alaska Native undergraduate/graduate students, which places them throughout Alaska with organizations that best fit their career interests.

Nautilus is fortunate to host our first FAI intern, Carissa Larson. Carissa is from Kodiak, Alaska, and will graduate from Hawai’i Pacific University later this year with a degree in International Studies, focusing on sustainability and development. She will be helping Nautilus with our communications outreach for the SASAP (State of Alaska Salmon and People) project. Carissa grew up commercial salmon fishing with her family, and is excited to learn more about the work that SASAP is doing within the salmon community. She will also have the opportunity to explore the processes of international development, a field that she plans to pursue after graduating.¬†