NII Volunteers Protect Kenai River Bank Habitat

Nautilus staff recently participated in a volunteer service day organized by Defenders of Wildlife Alaska and the US Forest Service to assist with stewardship of the Russian River.

Working with a diverse group of volunteers, including Salmon Fellowship partners from the Alaska Humanities Forum, NII helped install some 3 kilometers of bank habitat protective netting, clean up rubbish and get fishing infrastructure ready for the 2018 season.


Installing fish cleaning stations in the river away from bears

The Russian River area is one of the most heavily used streams in Alaska, with some 1,000 anglers/day during peak periods. The most intensely used area – the Russian River confluence with the Kenai River – is part of the Chugach National Forest, managed by the USFS.


Volunteers installing bank protection mesh along the Russian River

Uncontrolled access to river banks by anglers can diminish salmon habitat quality and so during the peak season, the USFS works with Streamwatch and other volunteer programs to install protective bank fencing and restore damaged areas.

After a day installing steel bars and netting, we have a renewed appreciation of what it takes to ensure we can all enjoy this amazing resource in perpetuity!


Each year protective bank netting is installed along the confluence of the Russian and Kenai Rivers to protect salmon habitat from the effects of trampling