SASAP Makes a Splash at Alaska Conference

Nautilus’ collaborative project State of Alaska’s Salmon and People (SASAP) was well represented in Fairbanks this past March when the Alaska chapters of the American Fisheries Society and the American Water Resources Association teamed up to host a 5-day conference.

The chosen, and timely, theme for a “Fisheries and Waters” conference in Alaska was: Success, Limitation and Innovation in the Face of Data Scarcity and Uncertainty. Appropriately, topics included changing ecological processes across landscapes, told through both quantitative modeling and traditional ecological knowledge. Other important issues included an overview of statewide Chinook salmon research, resource security issues, science in support of Alaska’s future, and shared knowledge.

Stephanie Quinn-Davidson, Director of the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, hosted a panel discussion that included SASAP project leads Peter Westley, Jessica Black, and Meagan Krupa. The panel introduced the biophysical, sociocultural, and governance workgroups of SASAP, and generated discussion among the audience of fisheries experts.

Overall, the AFS 2017 conference was an excellent venue to cross-pollinate SASAP work with current projects and research in Alaska.

Image: Olympic National Park