Talking Salmon: Nautilus and AK Humanities Forum Team up at AFN

The 2017 Alaska Federation of Natives Conference took place this past week in Anchorage, drawing more than 5000 people from around the state to connect, debate policy, and celebrate and strengthen their cultures.

From Native artists to NASA, the conference drew hundreds of exhibitors as well. Nautilus was there too, partnering with the Alaska Humanities Forum to create an inviting space to share smoked fish and salmon stories with conference-goers.

Ian Dutton (Nautilus); Kitty Farnham and Amanda Dale (Alaska Humanities Forum)

Nautilus’ outreach at AFN focused on the Alaska Salmon and People data synthesis project, while the Humanities Forum highlighted their Alaska Salmon Fellows program, of which Nautilus is also a partner.

Kitty Farnham, Program Lead for the Salmon Fellows, shared her experiences working over the past year with this diverse group of leaders from across the salmon spectrum, including policy-makers, managers, industry representatives, activists, researchers, and culture-bearers:

“The Salmon Fellows experience connects leaders with differing perspectives, but who share a vision of more sustainable, equitable relationships between salmon and people. The Fellows are gaining deeper understanding and respect for one another, while stretching themselves as leaders to work on a set of innovative initiatives advancing their vision over the coming year.”

The application process for the second cohort of Alaska Salmon Fellows will open in January 2018. To sign up for the Salmon Fellows mailing list, access resources, and join the conversation, please click on “Fellows Forum” .