Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing

Many of our clients and partners, including corporate, academic, nonprofit, foundations, government/tribal and private investors seek our advice on questions such as:

  • What is impact investing and how can it help my organization develop new funding strategies to have a greater impact?
  • What are the most effective impact strategies in my sector of interest – what works and why?
  • What are some processes and tools that will help us select the most effective strategies?
  • How do we measure success in projects like ours? How does our performance compare?
  • Where can we share or leverage the results of our project to inform future practice?
  • Can you help train our staff on impact strategy and evaluation?

How We Help:

Nautilus is committed to furthering the knowledge and practice of monitoring and evaluation, strategic design, adaptive management and responsible investing. We offer the following types of trainings, workshops, mentoring and knowledge sharing services:

  • Informational presentations on global social and environmental impact investing practices – see our news pages for more details or recent presentations
  • Facilitation of strategy development processes, including strategic plans, project investment proposals, annual workplans and crisis response strategies
  • Design of impact measurement strategies and KPIs for project teams/investors
  • Adaptive management training, including Open Standards approaches
  • Benchmarking and background research papers and presentations for investors and project teams
  • KPI research, including linkages and contributions to global datasets and benchmarks (e.g. GIIN/IRIS and GRI)
  • Data synthesis and interdisciplinary research related to impact assessment